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Dr. Peter Hunter
Cardiology Consultan.
Clinical Director.
Interventional Cardiology Department
St. Mary´s Hospital
Cardigan Avenue
L89 nh67
London. United Kingdom

Dr. Emiliano García Bravo
C/ Galileo nº34 2ºL
288080. Madrid. Spain.
Phone: 0044- 91787898

13 April, 2011

Dear Sir/Madam,

Ref:  Clinical Attachment in the Cardíology Department. Graduate in Medicine, February 1998. Registered in London, number: XXXXXX.

I am a Spanish cardiologist, graduate in medicine in 1998, and currently registered in London, in order to try and work in the United Kingdom, certainly one of the most prestigious countries in which to work as a doctor.

Attracted no doubt by your famous National Health System, a few years ago I considered to do part of my training in the United Kingdom.  I am consequently now writing to you to ask for a post as Clinical Attachment in your Deparment for one month (from 1st July through 31st July approximately) with the idea of seeing how the system works and to gain some experience. 

I would like to point out that I am a person who is always interested in staying clinically active (as you will have seen from my Curriculum) and with a high work capacity, a quick learner and a person who likes working in a team

Enclosed with this letter I am sending you my Curriculum, the professional references (which I am sending you in advance to avoid delaying my arrival in the United Kingdom), medical health certificate (together with all the relevant immunological tests) and the certificate of good conduct (issued by the General Council of Medical Associations of Spain).  All copies have been collated and the originals are available should you need them.

I would appreciate your advising me about the possibility of staying at the hospital, and would very much appreciate your bearing in mind this request.

Yours truly,

Dr. Emiliano García Bravo

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hola tienes correo electronico necesito consultarte algo sobre estudiar postgrados en medicina en el extranjero